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SPREE.Hotel in der Altstadt

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SPREE.Hotel am Hafen



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2 Restaurants

4 special locations
in  Lübbenau

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Welcome to SPREE

Welcome to our four locations, situated in the middle of beautiful Lübbenau, the best starting point for a relaxing and varied holiday in the popular Spreewald. Let our video inspire you.
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Bowling alley in the restaurant

Perfect for families and tour groups.
Price 15,90€ per hour / lane

Delicious food at the Hotel in der Altstadt

In the middle of the natural paradise

of the SPREEwald

SPREE.Hotel am Hafen

Newly opened in May 2023

Modern and exclusive – your new top hotel in the middle of Lübbenau! Book now!
SPREE.Hotel am Hafen – Zimmerbeispiel
Delicious food at the Hotel in der Altstadt

SPREE.Breakfast, Burger & More

Delicious burgers

For example our BBQ Burger
with crispy bacon, BBQ sauce and caramelized onions
for only 10,50 €


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Fantastic landscape, great experiences

State of Brandenburg and Berlin

NUE: Water and forest in the city of Berlin and Brandenburg
The Berlin castle in the Lausitz.

The Spreewald – that is water and forest in perfect combination, that is recreation and event at the same time, that is fun and balm for the soul in one, without having to watch the time. Not even 90 minutes by car or less than one hundred kilometers from Berlin, the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve has been presenting itself for many years as a recreational area in a prime location. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the healthy and relaxing vacation atmosphere of this region.

The water flows through part of the city.

Lake and lakes – the word village was on the Elbe.

Recreation and enjoyment are capitalized here, on the “green banks of the Spree”. The Spree River flows through the middle of densely wooded areas. It is almost 400 kilometers long and has its source not only in one, but even three springs in the east of our country, including one in Ebersbach-Neugersdorf. It flows into the Havel in Spandau. With its name, the river is the new godfather for our special four SPREE locations directly in the beautiful town of Lübbenau in the district of Oberspreewald-Lausitz. Lübbenau is officially a “recognized resort” and is located on the southeastern edge of the Spreewald. From here you can explore the large, diverse region and its surroundings. For example, visit the beautiful Burg, since 2005 a state-recognized place with healing spring spa.

This year new!

From time immemorial, the Spreewald has been the destination of many recreation-seeking Berliners. Meanwhile we welcome our guests not only from the pulsating Berlin, from Spandau or Fürstenwalde, from the Havel region and generally from all corners of the country Brandenburg – no, from the whole country, from east and west equally, we are visited gladly and also again and again regularly.

This is no wonder with the new SPREE locations, because we offer you the best services with guaranteed enjoyment and relaxation potential right from the start. Our four locations are the SPREE.Erlebnisrestaurant (former flagship) and SPREE.Breakfast, Burger & More restaurants, as well as the SPREE.Hotel in the old town (former Ebusch) and the SPREE.Hotel am Hafen, which is still under construction and will open in April 2023.

With our four houses, only a few meters apart from each other, their offer and equipment, we are in the middle of the 21st century and offer you new impressions and exceptional pleasure and comfort at its best. The two restaurants are even located in close proximity to the two hotels and not a hundred meters from each other in a street on the tranquil harbor of Lübbenau.

You and your loved ones can take part in our special and varied offers and events, which we offer not only from March to October, but all year round.

At SPREE the motto is: Here everyone greets each other as a friend and is welcomed just as warmly. Because with us one speaks not only German, but also “friendly”! – Old Lübbenau says “Welcome!” with its four brand-new SPREE locations.

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Middle of the water: Rivers arrive sometimes.

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